STUNT is one of the fastest growing women’s collegiate sports. It is played as a 4 quarter game highlighting athleticism from both Cheerleading and Gymnastics. The first quarter will be partner stunts, the second quarter basket tosses and pyramids, the third quarter jumps and tumbling, and the fourth quarter all elements combined. Each college participating in STUNT will learn the same set of routines per quarter. During the game, the team that has possession will call a routine (or play) and both teams will enter the mat to perform the called routine/play at the same time. The team with the least amount of deductions will earn points, and also possession, to call the next play.

There will be 6 routines for the first, second, and third quarter that progressively get more difficult. Routine 1 is the easiest and will require 16 athletes on the mat and routine 6 will only require 5 athletes on the mat, meaning not every member on the STUNT roster is doing every routine. Athletes will transition on and off the mat depending on which routine they are in, and even receive jersey numbers. Unlike Cheerleading, STUNT does not have any crowd leading involved, so many of the athletes will also participate with our sideline cheer program.

To learn more about STUNT you can also check out www.collegestunt.org.