TU beginning eSports program

Redefining what it means to be a student athlete, Tiffin University announced today that they will join the world of digital athletics as video game competitions, also known as eSports, have taken off on college campuses across the country.

"As the demand for eSports programs increase, Tiffin University is preparing to launch this cutting edge eSports collegiate program by fall semester 2017," said TU President Dr. Lillian Schumacher. "We have acquired land and have committed to the creation of a gaming arena--a stand-alone eSports complex. This complex will house a state-of-the-art eSports training room as well as a gaming lounge for all TU students to enjoy."

Two TU faculty members Steve Borawski and Dr. Michael Kidd are the champions for developing this program and will work directly with TU's Athletic Director Lonny Allen.

"This program takes gaming to the next level," said eSports Coordinator Michael Kidd. "Tiffin University has identified eSports as an untapped area of student interest to embrace, and has created an innovative program that will attract gamers from around the world."

"Parents may have thought that all those hours their kids spent playing video games was wasted, but they may have been training to be the next generation of athletes," Borawski said. "Just like the all-star football or baseball player, Tiffin University recognizes that today's college bound students are changing and this one-of-a-kind program will combine eSports with TU's high quality academic programs offering numerous scholarship opportunities. Tiffin's digital athletes will be held to the same high academic standards as all student athletes."

For additional information, contact Steven Borawski at borawskis@tiffin.edu or call 440-381-7379. Michael Kidd may be reached at kiddm@tiffin.edu or call 734-649-9518.