Tiffin University is committed to the continued development of its students as members of an institution of higher education in which each student athlete is recognized as an individual with a unique set of goals for success in life and in career. The University is committed to the belief that an athlete's success in life is contingent upon the athlete's commitment to the principles of honor on and off the field of play.

The Athletic Department will promote a spirit of competition that concentrates upon the development of leadership skills, involvement and participation of non-athletic personnel in the support of intercollegiate competitive contests, and a sense of unity among all members of the Tiffin University Community.

Tiffin University emphasizes academic success for all its students. In keeping with this philosophy, the athletic program at Tiffin University enforces specific standards of eligibility designed to assist its students in achieving success in the classroom throughout their university career. The successful completion of all degree requirements is considered paramount to the development of the student athlete at Tiffin University.

The participation in athletic contests further contributes to the development of a well-rounded individual who is fully prepared to meet the demands and challenges of life beyond the confines of one's college career.

Only amateur student-athletes as defined by our National Associations will be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletic contests.

In keeping with the above philosophy, the Tiffin University Athletic Department has set forth the following criteria designed to assist its members, both staff and students, in the maintenance of the foregoing policies:

  1. The athletic personnel at Tiffin University will foster an atmosphere that will encourage the students and staff to conduct their affairs with the utmost in ethics, integrity, and honesty, both on and off the field of competition.
  2. It is further expected that all athletic personnel will promote and develop a respect for athletic competition founded on the principles of sportsmanship and fair play within a highly competitive environment.
  3. All members of the Athletic Department at Tiffin University, both staff and students, will conduct themselves in a manner which is in strict accordance with the code of ethics maintained by the school's national athletic affiliate and by the regional athletic conferences within which the University's athletic teams compete. Behavior which reflects negatively upon, or which brings irreparable harm to either the individual or to the school as a whole, is strictly prohibited.
  4. All student athletes at Tiffin University will conduct themselves at all times in strict accordance with the statement of conduct contained in the Tiffin University Student Handbook. Failure to perform within these behavioral parameters will result in subsequent disciplinary action on the part of the University Athletic Department and, if necessary, on the part of the university Administration.